Idea: Combining my TCC fork with qemu's TCG, plus upgrades.

Note: This project is not active yet

My current priority is to get Toybox to a 1.0 release, then to make Aboriginal Linux use Toybox and Musl instead of BusyBox and uClibc. (Only so many hours in the day, and the totally unrelated day job gets scheduled first, plus documentation work taking a share.)

That said, qcc has a mailing list and a mercurial repository, although neither is particularly active at the moment.

What's the plan?

The idea grandiose scheme is to take my old tcc fork, refactor it into a swiss-army-knife style binary that acts like as/ld/cc/strip and so on depending on how it's called, replace the code generator with QEMU's Tiny Code Generator, add a "make" implementation, and then get it to build the linux kernel, toybox, musl, and itself for each target so we have a 4 package self-hosting system (which is the goal of Aboriginal Linux).

In addition, I have permission from Fabrice Bellard to use his tcc code under a BSD license, so my first task is to triage the code for third party contributions up until my fork, and either get permission from those guys to BSD their code or clean it out of the codebase.

There are some notes on all this in the repository. See also this.