I drink a lot of tea. I used to drink it growing up, and got back into it thanks to british people who wrote about how to make it properly. (Ok, some of them go a bit far, but they mean well.) The water needs to be boiling, not boiled. This turns out to be the important bit.

I tend to use eight lipton teabags (or two "family size" bags) per gallon of water, and then either one bag of stash "double bergamot" earl grey tea, two bags of Stash "black chai" tea. I also make a lot of mango tea, where I replace half the lipton tea with four bags of Trader Joe's "mango black tea". (Most black teas you can let steep as long as you like; it may go orange and shade towards "builder's tea" but that's fine if it's strong enough. The mango is delicate, you have to take it out after 15-30 minutes, or it starts tasting over-ripe. It's worth it, though.)

I put milk in my tea. About 1/3 milk, 2/3 tea. And I drink it cold. (I believe I've now horrified both sides of the atlantic, but it's what I like.) I used to use a cup of sugar per gallon of tea, but now I use splenda instead. (There used to be these marvelous "splenda quick pack" bags that were equivalent to one cup of sugar, which were incredibly stupidly marketed and which I stocked up on when they stopped selling them. It's a little over 30 of the normal bags otherwise.)