This is the tip of the iceberg, I've got 100 more things to add here if I ever get around to it...

Ways the record industry is evil

Chronicling the death rattle of the RIAA, as it drags nearby swimmers down with it:

Courtney love does the math

Shiny, Aluminum, Plastic and Digital

Steve Albini: The problem with music

Janis Ian: The Internet Debacle

Warner Music's Royalty Statements: Works of Fiction

Open Letter from OK Go (to which Weird Al said "In case you were wondering... ditto for me."

Distributor dominated industries (see also amazon fail roundup)

Digital Music Distribution

Free viral videos

Why ASCAP is evil

Richard Phillips vs BMI (fighting for the legal right to play his own original compositions in a coffee shop).

Music Piracy Continues to Decline Thanks to Spotify

Talks from really smart people

Clay Shirky's talk "Where do people find the time?", (Transcript at Looking for the mouse.)

Clay Shirky: Institutions vs Collaboration

Lawrence Lessig's TED talk "How creativity is being strangled by the law.

Cory Doctorow on publishing economics. (See also Joel Spolsky's Camels and Rubber Duckies.)


Why being "pro-life" is not a reality-based position: How I lost faith in the pro-life movement.

Low volume things with archives

  • Zero Punctuation - Flash animated video game reviews from a fast talking foul-mouthed brit living in australia.

  • Things with RSS feeds

  • Roughly Drafted - Analysis of the tech industry, pays lots of attention to Apple. Somewhere between a blog and a news magazine.

  • Groklaw - A retired paralegal covers legal issues of interest to the open source community.

  • Making Light - blog of the leading editors for Tor books.

  • Websnark

  • John Scalzi

    Neil Gaiman

    Wil Wheaton

    Mark Miller's web page - my friend Mark.


    My livejournal friends list

    Kernel Planet



  • Writing Excuses


    Joel on Software: Simplicity vs Choice (video).

    All your brains suck: known bugs and exploits in wetware. - Paul Fenwick

    The reason ultra-rich people never think they have enough is they're expecting society to collapse so they'll need to outbid each other for tickets on the Titanic's lifeboats: Trade-offs between inequality, productivity, and unemployment.

    The resource curse.