Hobbes' Internet Timeline


Hobbes' Internet Timeline is made available over the Internet for anyone to access. The Timeline has been freely used in thousands of school reports and projects, hundreds of presentations, and dozens of books and magazines. The Timeline has also served as the source for many other Internet timelines, including those from PBS, Discovery, and BBN.

If you would like to support the Timeline, or have made use of it in some way, please consider a monetary contribution in any amount, whether $1, $5, $20, or $100; no amount is too small or too big. Your contribution will ensure the continued maintenance and availability of the Timeline.

Contributions may be made through an online payment system, such as www.PayPal.com, or via check or money order. For online payments, please set the recipient's email to Robert@Zakon.org. Checks and money orders may be made out to Robert Zakon and mailed to:

Hobbes' Internet Timeline
Attn: Robert Zakon
11262 Harbor Court
Reston, VA 20191

If you would like to make a contribution but are unable to, you can also just send an email. Kind words are always appreciated.

Thank you!