XFree86/OS2 Download Page

Last updated 9 Jan 2000
These HTML pages can be downloaded from SET.GMD.DE (/pub/misc/XFree86OS2/html) by FTP.
This is XFree86 for OS/2, version 3.3.6 You don't have to download all files; just get the marked required files first, and then read the files and decide what you further need.

Required files

Update files

Ideally, to update from an older version, you only need the new binary distribution, and a new server from the list below. However, with some versions more changes might be necessary. Read the README.UPDATE document for more details.

Distribution files (partly required)

X Servers

You normally need only one of these. Check the documentation what you need.
There are two flavours available, the full server and the small server which does not have the seldomly used PEX, XI, XIE extensions built in.
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