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Posted by creamhackered on 14 March 2003 (103757 views) Rating: 4

Windows 98

Windows 98, released June 25th 1998.

Released as the upgrade to Windows 95, Windows 98 was described as an operating system that "Works Better, Plays Better". It was the first version of Windows designed specifically for consumers.

Microsoft began to integrate Microsoft Internet Explorer into their Windows Explorer to manage resources and files in folder view, as well as Window Help System to show hyperlink style content of help. Microsoft Internet Explorer also gave the system a Quick Launch tool bar, which could integrate with the start menu.
The newly introduced Active Desktop could display customized active web content instead of the regular picture background, which enabled users to customize their desktop even further. Windows 98 opened and closed applications more quickly, and it included support for reading DVD discs and connecting to universal serial bus (USB) devices.

On November 22nd 1998, Shane Brooks released an installer that could remove the integrated Microsoft Internet Explorer from Windows Explorer. It proved that Windows 98 could run without Microsoft Internet Explorer.

May 5th, 1999 Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) was released to fix bugs and acted as a small incremental update to Windows 98. It gave users enhanced hardware compatibility and Internet features. Windows 98 SE included Internet Explorer 5 and Microsoft Windows NetMeeting version 3.0 conferencing software. It also included DirectX 6.1, which introduced Internet connection sharing (ICS) to us and a variety of Windows multimedia improvements.

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