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Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution

1st Edition January 1999
1-56592-582-3, Order Number: 5823
280 pages, $24.95



No book like this happens without the help and counsel of a number of people, so I thank my Mom, Dad, Trish, Denise, Neil, and Mickey. I'd also like to thank the folks at the Coffeenet, who have been there for me. And of course my thanks to the contributors who have wasted valuable coding time to work on this book; I appreciate it!

To the people at VA Research Linux Systems, I couldn't have hoped for a better collection of smart, dedicated people; thanks for putting up with me during the writing of this book.

This book would not have happened without the continual support and dedication of Mark Stone. He is the true hero behind this book's creation. He has said that "A book could be written about how this book was written," which I'm sure he means in the nicest way possible. I'm sure one day he will look back and laugh at this time-- right, Mark? Mark?

In the initial brainstorming period for the book, a number of people contributed ideas and support that eventually led to Open Sources. These people include Paul Crowley, Paul Russell, Corey Saltiel, Edward Avis, Jeff Licquia, Jeff Knox, Becky Wood, and the guy whose site ( acted as the catalyst, Rob Malda. Thanks to all; I hope this book is everything you had wished it to be.

Finally, I could not have completed this work without the morale of Christine Hillmer, who selflessly unpacked our apartment while I toiled away at my keyboard. You are all that I ever could have wished for and I am reminded each day how lucky I am.

--Chris DiBona

I'd like to thank the following people for the many ways that they have supported me: Joe McGuckin, Peter Hendrickson, Jo Schuster, Ruth Ockman, Allison Huynh, and Nina Woodard. I'd also like to thank my favorite hackers: David S. Miller and H. Peter Anvin.

--Sam Ockman

I'd like to thank Sam and Chris for bringing this crazy idea to me in the first place. I'm sure they had no idea what they were getting into, but I'm equally sure it has been worth it. I'd also like to thank each of the contributors; each is a creative spirit with more ideas than time to execute them, but each understood the importance of this project and the need to make time for it.

For every book there are people behind the scenes who work their magic to make the book a success. On this book especially, some of these quiet heroes deserve acknowledgment: Troy Mott, Katie Gardner, Tara McGoldrick, Jane Ellin, Robert Romano, Rhon Porter, Nancy Wolfe Kotary, Sheryl Avruch, Mike Sierra, and Edie Freeman. Of course I'd also like to thank my friends and family who have supported me through yet another of Dad's crazy book projects. Finally, my thanks to the good people at Lytton Coffee Roasting Company, my "office away from home."

--Mark Stone

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