log toys/lsb/pidof.c @ 1057:242c5de2bb22 draft

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Tue, 03 Sep 2013 18:43:32 -0500 Rob Landley Replace for_each_pid_with_name_in_array_perform_callback_function_upon_translated_value() with name_to_pid(), comparing absolute paths or just basename() consistently as spotted by Lukasz Skalski, and adjust callers. draft
Sun, 16 Dec 2012 13:43:36 +0100 Elie De Brauwer Extend killall with support for -v and -i
Sun, 09 Dec 2012 13:57:04 -0600 Rob Landley Meddle.
Sat, 08 Dec 2012 20:10:05 +0100 Elie De Brauwer Adding -s (single shot) and -o (omit pids) options to pidof
Tue, 13 Nov 2012 17:14:08 -0600 Rob Landley Reindent to two spaces per level. Remove vi: directives that haven't worked right in years (ubuntu broke its' vim implementation). Remove trailing spaces. Add/remove blank lines. Re-wordwrap in places. Update documentation with new coding style.
Sat, 25 Aug 2012 18:08:51 -0500 Rob Landley Regularize command headers, update links to standards documents.
Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:25:22 -0500 Rob Landley Move commands into "posix", "lsb", and "other" menus/directories. base toys/pidof.c@13dfcccaceee