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Move testsuite out of scripts/test into its own top level tests directory, and make ctrl-c kill "make test" more reliably.
author Rob Landley <>
date Sat, 20 Sep 2014 13:09:14 -0500
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[ -f ] && .

# We need to test name and file padding.
# This means all possible values of strlen(name)+1 % 4,
# plus file sizes of at least 0-4.

touch a bb ccc dddd
testing "cpio name padding" "cpio -o -H newc|cpio -it" "a\nbb\nccc\ndddd\n" "" "a\nbb\nccc\ndddd\n"
rm a bb ccc dddd

touch a
printf '1' >b
printf '22' >c
printf '333' >d
testing "cpio file padding" "cpio -o -H newc|cpio -it" "a\nb\nc\nd\n" "" "a\nb\nc\nd\n"
rm a b c d

touch a
printf '1' >bb
printf '22' >ccc
printf '333' >dddd
# With the proper padding, header length, and file length, 
# the relevant bit should be here:
# 110*5 + 4*3 + 2 + 6*3 = 550 + 12 + 20 = 582
# files are padded to n*4, names are padded to 2 + n*4 due to the header length
testing "cpio archive length" "cpio -o -H newc|dd ibs=2 skip=291 count=5" "TRAILER!!!" "" "a\nbb\nccc\ndddd\n"
testing "cpio archive magic" "cpio -o -H newc|dd ibs=2 count=3" "070701" "" "a\n"
# check name length (8 bytes before the empty "crc")
testing "cpio name length" "cpio -o -H newc|dd ibs=2 skip=47 count=4" "00000002" "" "a\n"
rm a bb ccc dddd

# archive dangling symlinks and empty files even if we cannot open them
touch a; chmod a-rwx a; ln -s a/cant b
testing "cpio archives unreadable empty files" "cpio -o -H newc|cpio -it" "a\nb\n" "" "a\nb\n"
chmod u+rw a; rm -f a b