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New build infrastructure to generate FLAG_ macros and TT alias, #define FOR_commandname before #including toys.h to trigger it. Rename DEFINE_GLOBALS() to just GLOBALS() (because I could never remember if it was DECLARE_GLOBALS). Convert existing commands to use new infrastructure, and replace optflag constants with FLAG_ macros where appropriate.
author Rob Landley <>
date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 00:02:30 -0500
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/* vi: set sw=4 ts=4:
 * mountpoint.c - Check if a directory is a mountpoint.
 * Copyright 2012 Elie De Brauwer <>


	bool "mountpoint"
	default y
	  usage: mountpoint [-q] [-d] directory
			 mountpoint [-q] [-x] device 
	  -q Be quiet, return zero if directory is a mountpoint
	  -d Print major/minor device number of the directory
	  -x Print major/minor device number of the block device

#define FOR_mountpoint
#include "toys.h"

void mountpoint_main(void)
	struct stat st1, st2;
	int res = 0;
	int quiet = toys.optflags & FLAG_q;
	toys.exitval = 1; // be pessimistic
	strncpy(toybuf, toys.optargs[0], sizeof(toybuf));
	if (((toys.optflags & FLAG_x) && lstat(toybuf, &st1)) || stat(toybuf, &st1))
		perror_exit("%s", toybuf);

	if (toys.optflags & FLAG_x){
		if (S_ISBLK(st1.st_mode)) {
			if (!quiet) printf("%u:%u\n", major(st1.st_rdev), minor(st1.st_rdev));
			toys.exitval = 0;
		if (!quiet) printf("%s: not a block device\n", toybuf);

		if (!quiet) printf("%s: not a directory\n", toybuf);
	strncat(toybuf, "/..", sizeof(toybuf));
	stat(toybuf, &st2);
	res = (st1.st_dev != st2.st_dev) ||
		(st1.st_dev == st2.st_dev && st1.st_ino == st2.st_ino);
	if (!quiet) printf("%s is %sa mountpoint\n", toys.optargs[0], res ? "" : "not ");
	if (toys.optflags & FLAG_d)
		printf("%u:%u\n", major(st1.st_dev), minor(st1.st_dev));
	toys.exitval = res ? 0 : 1;