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Reindent to two spaces per level. Remove vi: directives that haven't worked right in years (ubuntu broke its' vim implementation). Remove trailing spaces. Add/remove blank lines. Re-wordwrap in places. Update documentation with new coding style. The actual code should be the same afterward, this is just cosmetic refactoring.
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date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 17:14:08 -0600
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[ -f ] && .

#testing "name" "command" "result" "infile" "stdin"

testing "dirname /-only" "dirname ///////" "/\n" "" ""
testing "dirname trailing /" "dirname a//////" ".\n" "" ""
testing "dirname combined" "dirname /////a///b///c///d/////" "/////a///b///c\n" "" ""
testing "dirname /a/" "dirname /////a///" "/\n" "" ""