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169 implementation of Android systems everywhere.</p> 169 implementation of Android systems everywhere.</p>
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171 <p>More to come...</p> 171 <p>More to come...</p>
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174 <p><b>December 1, 2009</b> - <a href=downloads/toybox-0.1.0.tar.bz2>toybox-0.1.0</a> is out.</p>
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176 <p>This release is a couple build fixes and another bugfix to patch.</p> 175 <p><a href=oldnews.html>Old news</a> from before the relaunch.</p>
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179 <p><b>April 17, 2009</b> - Another bugfix release,
180 <a href=downloads/toybox->toybox-</a>, off by one allocation error in patch.</p>
182 <p>(Darn fiddly command, innit?)</p>
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185 <p><b>March 29, 2009</b> - Released
186 <a href=downloads/toybox->toybox</a> which is a bugfix
187 release for issues with the patch command.</p>
189 <p>The project is currently on hold while the developers learn Lua and
190 decide whether or not to port the whole thing to that language.
191 (Also note: the mailing list moved. See the links on the left. You'll
192 have to resubscribe.)</p>
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195 <p><b>January 29, 2009</b> - Released
196 <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.9.tar.bz2>toybox 0.0.9.tar.bz2</a> which is a minor packaging
197 fix for 0.0.8. (The previous release tarball contained a prebuilt x86-64
198 kconfig/conf file, because the release script ran defconfig to
199 pregenerate help.h, and didn't run make clean afterwards.) The actual source
200 code is identical to the previous release.</p>
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203 <p><b>January 20, 2009</b> - <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.8.tar.bz2>toybox 0.0.8</a>
204 adds the uname, cksum, and mkswapfs commands.</p>
206 <p>This uname implementation is cross compile friendly: when built as a 32 bit
207 binary on an x86_64 host, it reports "i686" to confuse autoconf less.</p>
209 <p>This cksum has several extra command line options which can be used to
210 produce different cksum variants based on the same crc32 algorithm. For
211 example, the broadcom "trx" image packaging uses a little endian crc,
212 pre-inverted instead of post-inverted, and does not include the length.
213 (Without these arguments, it produces the normal SUSv4 cksum output.)</p>
215 <p>It also upgrades netcat with a server mode (-l option) and fixes several
216 netcat bugs. It also fixed multiple bugs in "patch", works around a
217 reiserfs bug in cp, and oneit can reboot on exit more reliably.</p>
219 <p><b>November 12, 2008</b> -
220 <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.7.tar.bz2>toybox 0.0.7</a>
221 adds sort and tee commands, upgrades the internal option parsing logic and the
222 test suite, and numerous bugfixes (bunzip, chroot, cat, patch).</p>
224 <p><b>May 26, 2008</b> - <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.6.tar.bz2>toybox 0.0.6</a>
225 adds cat, rmdir, and seq. Bugfixes to cp and a new -v option. Updates mdev to
226 work with the 2.6.25 kernel. Updates patch to knows that a file dated
227 1969-12-31 means it doesn't exist, and to fail if a file it needs to create
228 already exists. Command line option parsing can now handle things like "echo
229 -nex" vs "echo -ne". Several updates to the test suite (run scripts/,
230 and some build fixes.</p>
232 <p>
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234 <p><b>March 29, 2008</b> -
235 Time to release <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.5.tar.bz2>toybox 0.0.5</a>, with
236 new commands cp and chvt and several bugfixes.</p>
238 <p>More makefile targets: "make test" runs the test suite (which needs more test
239 scripts), and make install/install_flat/uninstall/uninstall_flat calls
240 make/ (with options --long --symlink --force --uninstall depending
241 on the context).</p>
243 <p>Most of the work has been behind the scenes, namely a significant rewrite of
244 the build logic so adding each new command consists of adding a single C file to
245 the "toys" directory, eliminating the need to touch any other files.
246 There are specially formatted comments at the top of the C file to generate
247 the other files, see toys/hello.c for an example. (See generated/README.txt
248 and <a href=code.html>code.html</a> for details.)</p>
250 <p><b>January 2, 2008</b> - And <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.4.tar.bz2>toybox-0.0.4.tar.bz2</a> is out.
251 The new applets this time around include basename, chroot, dirname, dmesg,
252 help, mkfifo, netcat, patch, sha1sum, touch, and tty.</p>
254 <p>Note that this "touch" includes -l to set the length, which can truncate
255 a file or create a commpletely sparse file, good for filesystem images.</p>
257 <p>Expect the next release in about 6 months.</p>
259 <p><b>December 12, 2007</b> - Updated the list of implemented applications,
260 put up a <a href=todo.txt>todo list</a> and <a href=code.html>infrastructure
261 documentation</a>. Expect another release towards the end of the month.</p>
263 <p><b>June 18, 2007</b> - Put out
264 <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.3.tar.bz2>toybox-0.0.3.tar.bz2</a> since it's
265 been too long since I did something like that. This one implements
266 catv, count, df, echo, false, oneit, pwd, sleep, sync, toysh, true, which,
267 and yes (which is what "make defconfig" enables). There are several other
268 commands not enabled by defconfig, because they don't really work yet.</p>
270 <p>Most of the general infrastructure's there now, although lots of tweaking
271 and optimizing is still needed. The test suite is skeletal and not entirely
272 checked in yet, but I'm working on that.</p>
274 <p>I don't have nearly as much time to work on this as I'd like, but I'm making
275 a little progress.</p>
277 <p><b>January 31, 2007</b> -
278 Toybox <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.2.tar.bz2>0.0.2 release</a>.
279 Implements count, yes, pwd, echo, bzcat, catv, oneit, and an unfinished
280 skeleton of mke2fs. Adds argument parsing logic and bunzip code to library.
281 Now configured with menuconfig. Adds "make baseline" and "make bloatcheck"
282 using Matt Mackall's bloat-o-meter, and scripts/showasm.</p>
284 <p>Screwing up the web page a bit, adding an index bar along the side
285 which doesn't properly connect up to anything yet. (Busy implementing
286 mke2fs and gene2fs.)</p>
288 <p><b>October 30, 2006</b> -
289 Toybox <a href=downloads/toybox-0.0.1.tar.bz2>0.0.1 release</a>. Implements
290 df, a skeletal toysh, and some library functions. Proof of concept, really.</p>
292 <p><b>September 7, 2006</b> -
293 Project launched, first commit to mercurial archive.</p>
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