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2008-04-24 Rob Landley Bugfix from Sean Matthews.default tip
2008-04-08 Rob Landley Pay attention to CC_HEADERPATH out of ./configure
2008-04-06 Rob Landley Rename gsym() and gsym_addr() to gen_resolve_sym() and gen_resolve_sym_addr(),
2008-04-06 Rob Landley Fix make/make.sh after that last checking (I broke it) and speed up selftest.sh
2008-04-06 Rob Landley Replace old "DEBUG=echo" with "VERBOSE=1", which shows the command lines
2008-04-06 Rob Landley Small fix for building on a 64 bit host.
2008-04-06 Rob Landley Correct a comment with the proper assembly statement.
2008-04-04 Rob Landley Now that we pass selftest.sh again, fix a bug in the sanity test at the end.
2008-04-04 Rob Landley Fix bug I introduced in hg 574. Oops.
2008-04-03 Rob Landley Rename global gen.c variable ind to gen_ind.
2008-04-03 Rob Landley Remove c67 and win32 from make all until I have a test environment for them.
2008-04-03 Rob Landley Remove "expand_args()", which didn't do anything. (For -run mode, the shell
2008-03-29 Rob Landley Bugfix for "tinycc - -v < hello.c"
2008-03-29 Rob Landley Support filename "-" as a synonym for /dev/stdin.
2008-03-21 Rob Landley Simplify ld_next() a bit, removing gotos and case 'a' ... 'z' construct.
2008-03-21 Rob Landley Check in some notes on the elf spec, and update web page header to include
2008-03-20 Rob Landley Add make/selftest.sh for a "tcc building itself repeatedly" test.
2008-03-19 Rob Landley Oops. HOST=i.86 should become i386, not i686.
2008-03-18 Rob Landley Silence a warning gcc is too stupid to emit properly.
2008-03-18 Rob Landley Silence warning when building arm target.
2008-03-18 Rob Landley Rename o() to gen_multibyte().
2008-03-18 Rob Landley Make cross compiling a little easier. (Currently isn't building libtinyccrt
2008-03-16 Rob Landley Rename g() to gen_byte(). Much easier to grep for, and a step towards making
2008-03-16 Rob Landley Install should use $PREFIX.
2008-03-15 Rob Landley The dynamic linker location belongs in configure, move it there.
2008-03-15 Rob Landley Update the version info. (Oops.)
2008-03-12 Rob Landley Update web page to mention release.
2008-03-12 Rob Landley Added tag 1.0.0-pre2 for changeset 70d322018e75
2008-03-12 Rob Landley It's .PHONY: not .dummy:1.0.0-pre2
2008-03-11 Rob Landley Add a Makefile with some make/* wrappers, for UI reasons. Remove CC_CRTDIR
2008-03-11 Rob Landley Use library search path for crt?.o, and for ld script libraries with no path.
2008-03-11 Rob Landley Whack one more warning.
2008-03-11 Rob Landley Remove one warning and remove duplicate code from tcc_add_library()
2008-03-10 Rob Landley Remove more unused symbols.
2008-03-08 Rob Landley Remove a little more unused code, removes two warnings.
2008-03-08 Rob Landley Add "all" target, and require user to specify the target they want to build.
2008-03-08 Rob Landley Eliminate one more warning.
2008-03-06 Rob Landley Make c67 compile again. (If anybody knows what C67 _is_, I'm a bit curious...)
2008-03-06 Rob Landley Missed one moving Sym.v -> Sym.token.
2008-03-06 Rob Landley Update TCC_TARGET_* to TINYCC_TARGET_* (which is what new build sets).
2008-03-06 Rob Landley Fix earlier options.c break-up by migrating some stuff from tcc.h to tinycc.h.
2008-01-21 Rob Landley More simplification and attacking warnings.
2008-01-20 Rob Landley Add a script that downloads and installs mingw (a binary win32 toolchain based
2008-01-17 Rob Landley One of the members of "struct Sym" is a token. Rename it from "v" to "token", and change local variables
2008-01-17 Rob Landley Minor tweaks for building on a 64-bit host, and remove an unnecessary local variable.
2008-01-14 Rob Landley Clean should delete shared libraries, too.
2008-01-03 Rob Landley Upgrade test.sh to test tinycc as a shared library.
2008-01-03 Rob Landley Rename runtime library to libtinyccrt-$ARCH.a, build libtinycc-$ARCH.so to
2007-12-28 Rob Landley Rename ggoto() to gen_goto().
2007-12-27 Rob Landley Split option parsing logic into a separate source file.
2007-12-27 Rob Landley Replace label and gotos with a for(;;) loop, break, and continue.
2007-12-14 Rob Landley Michael Lewis had a problem with floating point on Windows, suggested a
2007-12-14 Rob Landley Don't pollute the namespace with built-in symbols that don't start with __.
2007-12-13 Rob Landley Check in the web page with the release announcement.
2007-12-10 Rob Landley Added tag 0.9.25-pre1 for changeset d98d14707471
2007-12-10 Rob Landley As long as there's only one target, make the "tinycc" symlink. (Need to0.9.25-pre1
2007-12-10 Rob Landley Neither are arm and c67. Since all I've tested is i386 (and after a quick
2007-12-10 Rob Landley The win32 target isn't working at the moment, worry about it when
2007-12-10 Rob Landley Clean shouldn't try to remove the directory "tests".
2007-12-10 Rob Landley Fix gen_opic() to properly &&, ||, and == NULL against symbols. Add test.