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Update the build infrastructure. Documentation is still just copied, but htmldocs is now built out of tree. It builds both split-up and nochunks versions of the html (the path with the .html extension is the big version, without is the directory containing the split-up version), and does so without requiring a kernel patch.
author Rob Landley <>
date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 14:32:16 -0400
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--- a/make/	Thu Aug 02 14:24:15 2007 -0400
+++ b/make/	Thu Aug 02 14:32:16 2007 -0400
@@ -1,32 +1,29 @@
-# Update website from kernel tarball.
-# usage: cd kerneldir; kdocsdir
+echo Update linux kernel from Mercurial repository
+# mkdir -p ~/linux/hg
+# hg clone
+cd ~/linux/hg/linux-2.6
+hg pull -u
-if [ ! -f "MAINTAINERS" ]
-  echo $1 Not in kernel source dir
-  exit 1
-if [ ! -d "$1" ]
-  echo $1 not directory
-  exit 1
+echo Install updated Documentation
+rm -rf ~/www/kdocs/Documentation/
+cp -a ~/linux/hg/linux-2.6/Documentation ~/www/kdocs/Documentation
-# Delete old copies, create empty directories.
-rm -rf $1/{Documentation,htmldocs}
-mkdir -p $1/{Documentation,htmldocs}
-# The list of architectures supported by this kernel
-# echo include/asm-* | sed 's@include/asm-@@g'
+echo Build htmldocs and xhtml-nochunks
+rm -rf ~/linux/temp
+cd ~/linux/hg/linux-2.6
+mkdir ~/linux/temp
+make allnoconfig O=~/linux/temp
+cd ~/linux/temp
+make -j 2 htmldocs
+cd Documentation/DocBook
+for i in *.xml
+  do xmlto xhtml-nochunks $i -o xhtml-nochunks 
+mv xhtml-nochunks/*.html .
+rmdir xhtml-nochunks
-# Run this in the linux kernel source directory
-make distclean
-tar c Documentation | tar xvC $1
-make htmldocs
-cat Documentation/DocBook/index.html | sed -re 's@HREF=".*/(.*)"@HREF="\1"@' > $1/htmldocs/index.html &&
-cp `find Documentation/DocBook -name "*.html" | grep "Documentation/DocBook/.*/.*\.html"` $1/htmldocs/
+echo Install htmldocs
+rm -rf ~/www/kdocs/htmldocs
+cp -a ~/linux/temp/Documentation/DocBook ~/www/kdocs/htmldocs