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Rafal Milecki brought the "git bisect skip" command to my attention.
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 need to back up, the bisect log is an easily editable text file you can
 always chop a few lines off the end of.</p>
+<p>Note: you can also tell git itself to skip a commit you can't test with
+<b>git bisect skip</b>.  Unfortunately, the git-bisect man page gives this
+warning about the "skip" command:</p>
+But computing the commit to test may be slower afterwards and git may
+eventually not be able to tell the first bad among a bad and one or more
+"skip"ped commits.
 <a name="example"><h2>Example git bisect run</h2>
 <p>Here is a real git bisect run I did on the <a href=>qemu</a>
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 <a name="linus"><h2>Linus Tovalds talks about git</h2>
-<p>In <a href=>this Google Tech Talk</a></p>
+<p>In <a href=>this Google Tech Talk</a>.</p>
  "git show @{163}"... one character less...