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 <title>OLS 2006 papers</title>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-9-18.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-19-26.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-27-38.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-39-56.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-57-70.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-71-86.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-87-100.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-101-112.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-113-126.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-127-146.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-147-152.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-153-176.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-177-192.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-193-208.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-209-224.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-225-234.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-235-246.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-247-260.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-261-268.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-269-288.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-289-302.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-303-312.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-313-332.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-333-346.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-347-368.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-369-384.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-385-394.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-395-408.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-409-420.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-421-426.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-427-440.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
-<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-441-450.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-9-18.pdf>Enabling Docking Station Support for the Linux Kernel</a> - <b>Kristen Carlson Accardi</b></h2>
+<p>Subtitle: Is Harder Than You Would Think</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-19-26.pdf>Open Source Graphics Drivers--They Don't Kill Kittens</a> - <b>David M. Arlie</b> (<a href=slides/osgraphics-ols2006.odp>slides</a>)</h2>
+<p>Status of Intel, ATI, Nvidia, Matrox, Via, and SiS chipsets as of 2006.
+Possible reasons for closed source drivers.  Problems with closed source
+graphics drivers.  Open source efforts going forward (including the r300 and
+renoveau projects) and reverse engineering methodologies.</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-27-38.pdf>kboot - A Boot Loader Based on Kexec</a> - <b>Werner Almesberger</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-39-56.pdf>Ideas on improving Linux infrastructure for performance on multi-core platforms</a> - <b>Maxim Alt</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-57-70.pdf>A Reliable and Portable Multimedia File System</a> - <b>Joo-Young Hwang, Jae-Kyoung Bae, Alexander Kirnasov, Min-Sung Jang, Ha-Yeong Kim</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-71-86.pdf>Utilizing IOMMUs for Virtualization in Linux and Xen</a> - <b>Muli Ben-Yehuda, Jon Mason, Orran Krieger, Jimi Xenidis, Leendert Van Doorn, Asit Mallick, Junk Nakajima, Elsie Wahlig</b> (<a href=slides/OLS-jdmason.pdf>slides</a>)</h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-87-100.pdf>Towards a Highly Adaptable Filesystem Framework for Linux</a> - <b>Suparna Bhattacharya, Dilma Da Silva</b> (<a href=slides/slides-OLS2006-adaptfs.pdf>slides</a>)</h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-101-112.pdf>Multiple Instances of the Global Linux Namespaces</a> - <b>Eric W. Biederman</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-113-126.pdf>Fully Automated Testing of the Linux Kernel</a> - <b>Martin Bligh, Andy P. Whitcroft</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-127-146.pdf>Linux Laptop Battery Life</a> - <b>Len Brown, Konstantin A. Karasyov, Randy P. Stanley</b></h2>
+<p>Subtitle: Measurement Tools, Techniques and Results</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-147-152.pdf>The Frysk Execution Analysis Architecture</a> - <b>Andrew Cagney</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-153-176.pdf>Evaluating Linux Kernel Crash Dumping Mechanisms</a> - <b>Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-177-192.pdf>Exploring High Bandwidth Filesystems on Large Systems</a> - <b>Dave Chinner, Jeremy Higdon</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-193-208.pdf>The Effects of Filesystem Fragmentation</a> - <b>Giel de Nijs, Ard Biesheuvel, ad Denissen, Niek Lambert</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-209-224.pdf>The LTTng tracer: A low impact performance and behavior monitor for GNU/Linux</a> - <b>Mathieu Desnoyers, Michel R. Dagenais</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-225-234.pdf>Linux as a Hypervisor</a> - <b>Jeff Dike</b></h2>
+<p>Subtitle: An Update</p>
+<p>How User Mode Linux development has contributed to Linux's general
+virtualization capabilities.</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-235-246.pdf>System Firmware Updates Utilizing Software Repositories</a> - <b>Matt Domsch, Michael Brown</b></h2>
+<p>Subtitle: OR: Two proprietary vendor firmware update packages walk into a dark alley, six RPMS in a yum repository walk out...</p>
+<p>How Dell replaced its proprietary in-house framework for downloading
+DELL BIOS updates with an in-house framework for downloading DELL BIOS
+updates that's closely tied to Red Hat Enterprise's package management
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-247-260.pdf>The Need for Asynchronous, Zero-Copy Network I/O</a> - <b>Ulrich Drepper</b></h2>
+<p>Subtitle: Problems and Possible Solutions</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-261-268.pdf>Problem Solving With Systemtap</a> - <b>Frank Ch. Eigler</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-269-288.pdf>Perfmon2: a flexible performance monitoring interface for Linux</a> - <b>Stephane Eranian</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-289-302.pdf>OCFS2: The Oracle Clustered File System, Version 2</a> - <b>Mark Fasheh</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-303-312.pdf>tgt: Framework for Storage Target Drivers</a> - <b>Tomonori Fujita, Mike Christie</b></h2>
+<p>[That's actually SCSI target, but they'll get the ramdisk and network
+block device routed through the SCSI layer sooner or later.  Every other common
+storage device, like SATA and USB, already is.  Note that the SCSI layer doesn't
+use the block layer.]</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-313-332.pdf>More Linux for Less</a> - <b>Michael Hennerich, Robin Getz</b></h2>
+<p>Subtitle: uClinux on a $5.00 (US) Processor.</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-333-346.pdf>Hrtimers and Beyond: Transforming the Linux Time Subsystems</a> - <b>Thomas Gleixner, Douglas Niehaus</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-347-368.pdf>Making Applications Mobile Under Linux</a> - <b>Cedric Le Goater, Daniel Lezcano, Clement Calmels</b></h2>
+<p>Migrating processes within clusters.  [Nothing to do with embedded devices
+or handhelds, despite the name.]</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-369-384.pdf>The What, The Why and the Where To
+of Anti-Fragmentation</a> - <b>Mel Gorman, Andy Whitcroft</b></h2>
+<p>Preventing DRAM fragmentation, to allow large physically contiguous
+allocations (and maybe even the allocation of huge pages on a system that's
+been running a while).  This is not the same as actively defragmenting
+(evicting lots of physically contiguous pages on demand, which is hard if the
+kernel's pinned any), this is an allocation strategy to minimize fragmentation
+in the first place, and weight the page reclaimation logic to preferentially
+collate higher order pages whenever it has a choice about what to free.</p>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-385-394.pdf>GIT--A Stupid Content Tracker</a> - <b>Junio C. Hamano</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-395-408.pdf>Reducing fsck time for ext2 file systems</a> - <b>Val Henson, Zach Brown, Theodore Ts'o, Arjan van de Ven</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-409-420.pdf>Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) Support for uClibc</a> - <b>Steven J. Hill</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-421-426.pdf>Playing BlueZ on the D-Bus</a> - <b>Marcel Holtmann</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-427-440.pdf>FS-Cache: A Network Filesystem Caching Facility</a> - <b>David Howells</b></h2>
+<h2><a href=ols2006v1-pages-441-450.pdf>Why Userspace Sucks--Or 101 Really Dumb Things Your App Shouldn't Do</a> - <b>Dave Jones</b></h2>
 <h2><a href=ols2006v2-pages-9-24.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
 <h2><a href=ols2006v2-pages-25-34.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>
 <h2><a href=ols2006v2-pages-35-44.pdf>a</a> - <b></b></h2>