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 more blocks to group descriptor tables.)</p>
-<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-130-145.pdf">Running Linux on a DSP: Exploiting the Computational Resources of a programmable DSP Micro-Processor with uClinux</a> - <b>Michael Durrant, jeff Dionne, Michael Leslie</b></h2>
+<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-130-145.pdf">Running Linux on a DSP: Exploiting the Computational Resources of a programmable DSP Micro-Processor with uClinux</a> - <b>Michael Durrant, Jeff Dionne, Michael Leslie</b></h2>
 <p><a href=>uClinux</a> is a Linux distribution designed
 to run on processors with no MMU (Memory Managment Unit), including cheap
 Digital Signal Processors with minimal general purpose processing
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 protection, fixed size stack, no fork() or brk(), addition of binflat),
 kernel changes, and porting to new platforms.</p>
-<a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-146-175.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-146-175.pdf</a><br>
-<a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-176-182.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-176-182.pdf</a><br>
-<a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-183-190.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-183-190.pdf</a><br>
-<a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-191-196.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-191-196.pdf</a><br>
-<a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-197-212.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-197-212.pdf</a><br>
+<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-146-175.pdf">An Approach to Injecting faults into Hardened Software</a> - <b>Dave Edwards, Lori Matassa</b></h2>
+<p>Describes the authors' test harness which tracks the state of hardware
+and injects faults for a device driver to handle, in a way that does not
+require any knowledge of the implementation of the driver being tested.  [The
+paper is full of buzzwords like "hardening" and "availability", and starts
+with a big legal disclaimer from Intel.  A more modern approach might be to
+inject faults into virtual hardware under something like QEMU.]</p>
+<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-176-182.pdf">Advanced Boot Scripts</a> - <b>Richard Gooch</b></h2>
+<p>This paper describes a dependency based scheme for running boot scripts
+in parallel, with comparison to both BSD and SysV style conventional init
+scripts (providing a good introduction to those types of init scripts in the
+process).  The approach described here uses a modified simpleinit(8) from
+util-linux, plus a new utility initctl(8) to declare dependencies.  Describes
+using the dependency table to switch runlevels or shut down the system.
+[Follow-ups to this paper include using make to run init scripts (lwn link)
+and Ubuntu's upstart.]</p>
+<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-183-190.pdf">Porting Drivers to HP ZX1</a> - <b>Grant Grundler</b></h2>
+<p>Making drivers portable ("If a driver doesn't 'just work,'
+generally it's a matter of figuring out which wrong assumptions about the HW
+(or OS) are embedded in the driver.").  General hardware issues
+(DMA mapping, Interrupts, IO ports vs MMIO, CPU vs IO timings, depending on
+BIOS (or equivalent) to initialize hardware, debugging), and some details of
+specific hardware platforms the author worked on.</p>
+<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-191-196.pdf">Reverse engineering an advanced filesystem</a> - <b>Christoph Hellwig</b></h2>
+<p>The creation of the FreeVxFS driver to handle the Veritas filesystem on-disk
+format, by reverse engineering.  Legal issues, creating a description of the
+on-disk layout, symbolic debugging and disassembly of binary-only driver,
+implementation of new driver.</p>
+<h2><a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-197-212.pdf">BitKeeper for Kernel Developers</a> - <b>Val Henson, Jeff Garzik</b></h2>
+<p>Bitkeeper was the first source control system Linus used in Linux
+development, from v2.5.0 to v2.6.12-rc2.  (Before that he used no source
+control system, and just put out periodic release tarballs.)</p>
+<p>[Linux development no longer uses BitKeeper, due to the <a href=>expiration of the "Don't piss off Larry license"</a>
+(<a href=>more here</a>)
+which prompted Linus to write git.  This paper
+still serves as a decent introduction to distributed source control.
+There is <a href=;a=summary>a git version of the contents of the
+old Linux bitkeeper repository</a> online.]</p>
 <a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-213-222.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-213-222.pdf</a><br>
 <a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-223-241.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-223-241.pdf</a><br>
 <a href="ols2002_proceedings-pages-242-249.pdf">ols2002_proceedings-pages-242-249.pdf</a><br>