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 <h2>Google tech talks</h2>
-<li><p><a href=>Linus Torvalds on git</a> - Linus Torvalds (Linux, git).</p>
+<li><p>May 3, 2007 <a href=>Linus Torvalds on git</a> - Linus Torvalds (Linux, git).</p></li>
+<p>ABSTRACT: When Linus looked for a replacement for BitKeeper, he wanted a
+source control system that was distributed, performed well, and guaranteed
+that data checked out exactly matches the data that was checked in.  To get
+this, he had to write one.  Covers the horrors of CVS, and why Linus considers
+SVN's slogan "CVS done right" to be a contradiction in terms.  Why a
+distributed source control system is a better match for open source development
+than a centralized one: "Distribution means nobody's special."  Forking is
+natural, and a distributed SCM is a tool to easily merge forks back together.
+You can work offline, developers don't block each other during development.
+Branches have no namespace issues.  Every developer having their own branch and
+can control what gets applied to that branch which eliminates issues of
+security/trust/politics related to "commit access", and thus cutting a release
+is something anyone can do.  The "network of trust" in merging and cutting
+releases securely.  How git makes merging easy, and resolving conflicts.</p>
+<li><p>May 1, 2007 <a href=>State of the Linux kernel</a> - Andrew Morton</p></li>
 <li><p><a href=>How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People</a> - Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick (Subversion).</p>