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OLS papers are up to 2009 now.
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<title>Proceedings of the Ottawa Linux Symposium</title>

<p>This directory contains papers extracted from the proceedings of the Ottawa
Linux Symposium.  The original volumes are available from
<a href=>the OLS website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2009>OLS 2009 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The proceedings are also available as <a href=../mirror/ols2009.pdf>one
big PDF volume</a> from the
<a href=>OLS 2009 website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2008>OLS 2008 individual papers</a></h1>

<p><a href=>OGG video of
several OLS presentation/BOF/Tutorial sessions</a> (thanks to Michael

<p>The proceedings are also available in two PDF volumes
(<a href=../mirror/ols2008v1.pdf>one</a>
<a href=../mirror/ols2008v2.pdf>two</a>) from the
<a href=>OLS 2008 website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2007>OLS 2007 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The proceedings are also available in two PDF volumes
(<a href=../mirror/ols2007v1.pdf>one</a>
<a href=../mirror/ols2007v2.pdf>two</a>) from the
<a href=>OLS 2007 website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2006>OLS 2006 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The <a href=>presentation
slides</a> are also available, along with some
<a href=>panel recordings</a>.</p>

<p>The proceedings are also available in two PDF volumes
(<a href="../mirror/ols2006v1.pdf">one</a>
<a href="../mirror/ols2006v2.pdf">two</a>) from the
<a href="">2006 website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2005>OLS 2005 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The OLS 2005 proceedings are available in two volumes
(<a href="../mirror/ols2005v1.pdf">one</a>
<a href="../mirror/ols2005v2.pdf">two</a>) from the
<a href=>OLS 2005 website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2004>OLS 2004 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>There are <a href=>audio recordings
of the 2004 OLS presentations</a>.

<p>The OLS 2004 proceedings are available in two volumes
(<a href="../mirror/ols2004v1.pdf">one</a>
<a href="../mirror/ols2004v2.pdf">two</a>) from the
<a href=>OLS 2004 website</a>.</p>

<h1><a href=2003>OLS 2003 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The OLS 2003 proceedings are available in
<a href="../mirror/ols2003.pdf">one volume</a> from the
<a href=>OLS 2003 website<a/>.</p>

<h1><a href=2002>OLS 2002 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The OLS 2002 proceedings are available in
<a href="../mirror/ols2002.pdf">one volume</a> from the
<a href=>OLS 2002 website<a/>.</p>

<h1><a href=2001>OLS 2001 individual papers</a></h1>

<p>The OLS 2001 proceedings are also available as individual papers
as part of the <a href=>Linux Weekly
News coverage of OLS 2001</a>.</p>