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OLS papers are up to 2009 now.
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<title>Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) papers for 2008</title>

<p><a href=>Additional videos
are available</a> (<a href=>and more</a>), including tutorial and BOF sessions for which no
paper was required.</p>

<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-9-18.pdf">x86 Network Booting: Integrating gPXE and PXELINUX</a> - <b>H. Peter Anvin</b></h2>
<p>History of network booting (TFTP/BOOTP and NBI predated PXE, which is
the network booting standard published by Intel in 1997 and supported by
most BIOSes today).  History of SYSLINUX (contains PXELINUX) and Etherboot
(precursor to gPXE).</p>

<p>PXE has three parts.  The first two (some low-level base code, and a network
driver) are saved in the firmware.  They fetch a "Network Boot Program" (NBP),
from the network, which is a small loader which can call the network driver
out of the firmware to load the rest of the operating system.  Using gPXE with
PXELINUX generally means using gPXE to provide the base code and network driver
in the firmware (for use with things like OpenBios), and loading PXELINUX to
act as an NBP.</p>

<p>Ends with issues related to two projects working together.</P>

<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-19-30.pdf">Keeping the Linux Kernel Honest</a> - <b>Kamalesh Babulal, Balbir Singh</b></h2>

<p>Automated testing for the Linux kernel.  Linux Test Project,
Fault Injection Framework, IBM's proprietary "Automated Build And Test" server,

<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-31-38.pdf">Korset: Automated, Zero False-Alarm Intrusion Detection for Linux</a> - <b>Ohad Ben-Cohen, Avishai Wool</b></h2>

<p>An open source project that uses static analysis to construct a model
of application behavior (control flow graphs).</p>

<p>[Some significant oversimplifications in this one.  As far as I can tell,
"it interprets Javascript" would count as "self modifying code".  Being
written in something like Python would fundamentally invalidate the assumptions
too.  The technique is aimed at non-kernel C code that doesn't implement
an interpreter for another language.]

<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-39-52.pdf">Suspend-to-RAM in Linux</a> - <b>Len Brown, Rafael J. Wysocki</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-53-62.pdf">Systems Monitoring Shootout</a> - <b>K. Buytaert, T. De Cooman, F. Deschamps, B. Verwilst</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-63-76.pdf">Virtualization of Linux servers</a> - <b>F.L. Camargos, G. Girard, B. des Ligneris</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-77-84.pdf">MondoRescue: a GPL Disaster Recovery Solution</a> - <b>Bruno Cornec</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-85-100.pdf">The Corosync Cluster Engine</a> - <b>Steven C. Dake</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-101-106.pdf">LTTng: Tracing across execution layers, from the Hypervisor to user-space</a> - <b></b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-107-112.pdf">Getting the Bits Out: Fedora MirrorManager</a> - <b>Matt Domsch</b> (<a href=>video</a>, <a href=>slides</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-113-122.pdf">Applying Green Computing to clusters and the data center</a> - <b>Andre Kerstens, Steven A. DuChene</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-123-128.pdf">Introduction to Web Application Security Flaws</a> - <b>Jake Edge</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-129-134.pdf">Around the Linux File System World in 45 minutes</a> - <b>Steve French</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-135-136.pdf">Peace, Love, and Rockets!</a> - <b>Bdale Garbee</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-137-142.pdf">Secondary Arches, enabling Fedora to run everywhere</a> - <b>Dennis Gilmore</b> (<a href=>video</a>, <a href=>slides</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-143-150.pdf">Application Testing under Realtime Linux</a> - <b>Luis Claudio R. Goncalves, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-151-162.pdf">IO Containment</a> - <b>Naveen Gupta</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-163-172.pdf">Linux Capabilities: making them work</a> - <b>Serge E. Hallyn, Andrew G. Morgan</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-173-182.pdf">Issues in Linux Mirroring: Or, BitTorrent Considered Harmful</a> - <b>John Hawley</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-183-192.pdf">Linux, Open Source, and System Bring-up Tools</a> - <b>Tim Hockin</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-193-196.pdf">Audio streaming over Bluetooth</a> - <b>Marcel Holtmann</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-197-210.pdf">Cloud Computing: Coming out of the fog</a> - <b>Gerrit Huizenga</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-211-218.pdf">Introducing the Advance XIP File System</a> - <b>Jared Hulbert</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-219-228.pdf">Low Power MPEG4 Player</a> - <b>J.-Y. Hwang, J.-H. Kim, J.-H Kim</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-229-238.pdf">VESPER (Virtual Embraced Space ProbER)</a> - <b>S. Kim, S. Moriya, S. Oshima</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-239-252.pdf">Camcorder multimedia framework with Linux and GStreamer</a> - <b>W. Lee, E. Kim, J. Lee, S. Kim, S. Park</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-253-262.pdf">On submitting kernel patches</a> - <b>Andi Kleen</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-263-274.pdf">Ext4 block and inode allocator improvements</a> - <b>A. Kumar, M. Cao, J. Santos, A. Dilger</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v1-pages-275-284.pdf">Bazillions of Pages</a> - <b>Christoph Lameter</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>

<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-7-18.pdf">Where Linux Kernel Documentation Hides</a> - <b>Rob Landley</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-19-26.pdf">Tux meets Radar O'Reilly -- Linux in military telecom</a> - <b>Grant Likely, Shawn Bienert</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-27-38.pdf">A Symphony of Flavours: Using the device tree to describe embedded hardware</a> - <b>Grant Likely, Josh Boyer</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-39-46.pdf">Tux on the Air: The State of Linux Wireless Networking</a> - <b>John W. Linville</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-47-56.pdf">AUGEAS -- a configuration API</a> - <b>David Lutterkort</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-57-66.pdf">`Real Time' vs. `Real Fast': How to Choose?</a> - <b>Paul E. McKenney</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-67-74.pdf">If I turn this knob... what happens?</a> - <b>Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-75-84.pdf">Performance Inspector Tools with INstruction Tracing and Per-Thread/Function Profiling</a> - <b>M. Milenkovic, S. T. Jones, F. Levine, E. Pineda</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-85-90.pdf">Containers checkpointing and live migration</a> - <b>A. Mirkin, A. Kuznetsov, K. Kolyshkin</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-91-100.pdf">Building a Robust Linux kernel piggybacking The Linux Test Project</a> - <b>Subrata Modak</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-101-114.pdf">Have You Driven an SELinux Lately</a> - <b>James Morris</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-115-124.pdf">Coding Eye-Candy for Portable Linux Devices</a> - <b>Bob Murphy</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-125-134.pdf">SELinux for Consumer Electronics Devices</a> - <b>Yuichi Makamura</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-135-144.pdf">PATting Linux</a> - <b>Venkatesh Pallipadi, Suresh Siddha</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-145-150.pdf">Pathfinder -- A new approach to Trust Management</a> - <b>Patrick Patterson, Dave Coombs</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-151-156.pdf">Linux Data Integrity Extensions</a> - <b>Matrin K. Petersen</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-157-162.pdf">Red hat LInux 5.1 vs. CentOS 5.1: ten years of change</a> - <b>D. Hugh Redelmeier</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-163-178.pdf">Measuring DCCP for Linux against TCP and UDP With Wireless Mobile Devices</a> - <b>Leandro Melo Sales</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-179-186.pdf">Smack in Embedded Computing</a> - <b>Casey Schaufler</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-187-198.pdf">Energy-aware task and interrupt management in Linux</a> - <b>V. Srinivasan, G. Shenoy, D. Sarma, S. Vaddagiri, V. Pallipadi</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-199-204.pdf">Choosing an application framework for your Linux mobile device</a> - <b>Shreyas Srinivasan, Phaneendra Kumar</b> (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-205-214.pdf">SCSI Fault Injection Test</a> - <b>Kenichi Tanaka</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-215-226.pdf">A Survey of Virtualization Workloads</a> - <b>A. Theurer, K. Rister, S. Dobbelstein</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-227-234.pdf">Thermal Management in User Space</a> - <b>Sujith Thomas</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-235-244.pdf">A Model for Sustainable Student Involvement in Community Open Source</a> - <b>Chris Tyler</b> (<a href=>video</a>, <a href=>slides</a>)</h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-245-254.pdf">A Runtime Code Modification Method for Application Programs</a> - <b>Kazuhiro Yamato</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-255-260.pdf">SynergyFS: A Stackable File System Creating Synergies between Heterogeneous Storage Devices</a> - <b>Keun Soo Yim</b></h2>
<h2><a href="ols2008v2-pages-261-267.pdf">Live Migration with Pass-through Device for Linux VM</a> - <b>Edwin Zhai</b></h2>

<h1>Tutorials (no papers)</h1>

<h2>Automating the Generation of Kickstart Files (<a href=>video</a>)</h2>
<h2>Creating your own Fedora-based distribution - <b>Jesse Barnes</b> (<a href=>video</a>, <a href=>slides</a>)</h2>