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<title>OLS papers for 2007</title>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-9-20.pdf>The Price of Safety: Evaluating IOMMU Performance</a> - <b>Muli Ben-Yehuda, Jimi Xenidis, Michal Ostrowski, Karl Rister, Alexis Bruemmer, Leendert Van Doorn</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-21-28.pdf>Linux on Cell Broadband Engine status update</a> - <b>Arnd Bergmann</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-29-40.pdf>Linux Kernel Debugging on Google-sized clusters</a> - <b>Martin Bligh, Mathieu Desnoyers, Rebecca Schultz</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-41-52.pdf>Ltrace Internals</a> - <b>Rodrigo Rubira Branco</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-53-64.pdf>Evaluating effects of cache memory compression on embedded systems</a> - <b>Anderson Farias Briglia, Allan Bezerra, Leonid Moiseichuk, Nitin Gupta</b></h2>
<p>Modern disks are around 1000 times slower than memory.  At that point, using
data compression on disk caches to keep more of the filesystem's contents in
memory longer can be a win.  The paper describes a prototype compressed cache
design for both page and swap caches, with benchmarks of performance and power

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-65-74.pdf>ACPI in Linux - Myths vs Reality</a> - <b>Len Brown</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-75-80.pdf>Cool Hand Linux -- Handheld Thermal Extensions</a> - <b>Len Brown, Harinarayanan Seshadri</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-81-86.pdf>Asynchronous System Calls</a> - <b>Zach Brown</b></h2>
<p>Subtitle: Genesis and Status</p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-87-92.pdf>Frysk 1, Kernel 0?</a> - <b>Andrew Cagney</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-93-102.pdf>Keeping Kernel Performance from Regressions</a> - <b>Tim Chen, Leonid I. Ananiev, Alexander V. Tikhonov</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-103-112.pdf>Breaking the Chains -- Using LinuxBIOS to Liberate Embedded x86 Processors</a> - <b>Jordan H. Crouse, Marc E. Jones, Ronald G. Minnich</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-113-124.pdf>GANESHA, a multi-usage with large cache NFSv4 server</a> - <b>Philippe Deniel, Thomas Leibovici, Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-125-130.pdf>Why Virtualization Fragmentation Sucks</a> - <b>Justin M. Forbes</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-131-140.pdf>A New Network File System is Born: Comparison of SMB2, CIFS, and NFS</a> - <b>Steven M. French</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-141-152.pdf>Supporting the Allocation of Large Contiguous Regions of Memory</a> - <b>Mel Gorman, Andy Whitcroft</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-153-166.pdf>Kernel Scalability -- Expanding the Horizon Beyond Fine Grain Locks</a> - <b>Corey Gough, Suresh Siddha, Ken Chen</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-167-178.pdf>Kdump: Smarter, Easier, Trustier</a> - <b>Vivek Goyal, Neil Hortman, Ken'ichi Ohmichi, Maneesh Soni, Ankita Garg</b></h2>
<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-179-188.pdf>Using KVM to run Xen guests without Xen</a> - <b>Ryan A. Harper, Michael D. Day, Anthony N. Liguori</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-189-200.pdf>Djprobe -- Kernel probing with the smallest overhead</a> - <b>Masami Hiramatsu, Satoshi Oshima</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-201-204.pdf>Desktop integration of Bluetooth</a> - <b>Marcel Holtmann</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-205-214.pdf>How virtualization makes power management different</a> - <b>Kevin Tian, Ke Yu, Jun Nakajima, Winston Wang</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-215-224.pdf>Ptrace, Utrace, Uprobes: Lightweight, Dynamic Tracing of User Apps</a> - <b>Jim Keniston, Ananth Mavinakayanahalli, Prasanna Panchamukhi, Vara Prasad</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-225-230.pdf>kvm: the Linux Virtual Machine Monitor</a> - <b>Avi Kivity, Yaniv Kamay, Dor Laor, Uri Lublin, Anthony Liguori</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-231-238.pdf>Linux Telephony</a> - <b>Paul P. Komkoff, Anna Anikina, Roman Zhnichkov</b></h2>
<p>Subtitle: A Short Overview<p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-239-244.pdf>Linux Kernel Development</a> - <b>Greg Kroah-Hartman</b></h2>
<p>Subtitle: How Fast is it Going, Who is Doing It, What They are Doing, and Who is Sponsoring It</p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-245-250.pdf>Implementing Democracy</a> - <b>Christopher James Lahey</b></h2>
<p>Subtitle: a large scale cross-platform desktop application</p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-251-262.pdf>Extreme High Performance Computing or Why Microkernels Suck</a> - <b>Chrostiph Lameter</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-263-276.pdf>Performance and Availability Characterization for Linux Servers</a> - <b>Vasily Linkov, Oleg Koryakovskiy</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-277-284.pdf>"Turning the Page" on Hugetlb Interfaces</a> - <b>Adam G. Litke</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-285-292.pdf>Resource Management: Beancounters</a> - <b>Pavel Emelianov, Denis Lunev, Kirill Korotaev</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-293-302.pdf>Manageable Virtual Appliances</a> - <b>David Lutterkort, Mark McLoughlin</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v1-pages-303-314.pdf>Everything is a virtual filesystem: libferris</a> - <b>Ben Martin</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-9-20.pdf>Unifying Virtual Drivers</a> - <b>Jon Mason, Dwayne Shows, Dave Olien</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-21-34.pdf>The new ext4 filesystem: current status and future plans</a> - <b>Akantika Mathur, Mingming Cao, Suparna Bhattacharya, Andreas Dilger, Alex Tomas, Laurent Vivier</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-35-44.pdf>The 7 dwarves: debugging information beyond gdb</a> - <b>Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-45-58.pdf>Adding Generic Process Containers to the Linux Kernel</a> - <b>Paul B. Menage</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-59-64.pdf>KvmFS: Virtual Machine Partitioning For Clusters and Grids</a> - <b>Andrey Mirtchovski, Latchesar Ikonkov</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-65-70.pdf>Linux-based Ultra Mobile PCs</a> - <b>Rajeev Muralidhar, Hari Seshadri, Krishna Paul, Srividya Karumuri</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-71-78.pdf>Where is your application stuck?</a> - <b>Shailabh Nagar, Balbir Singh, Vivek Kashyap, Chandra Seetharaman, Narashima Sharoff, Pradipta Banerjee</b></h2>

<p>Per-task delay accounting is a new function of the Linux kernel which
measures where Linux tasks spend time waiting (for CPU time, completion of
submitted I/O, resolving page faults, etc).</p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-79-86.pdf>Trusted Secure Embedded Linux</a> - <b>Hadi Nahari</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-87-96.pdf>Hybrid-Virtualization -- Enhanced Virtualization for Linux</a> - <b>Jun Nakajima, Asit K. Mallick</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-97-106.pdf>Readahead: time-travel techniques for desktop and embedded systems</a> - <b>Michael Opdenacker</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-107-118.pdf>Semantic Patches</a> - <b>Yoann Padioleau, Julia L. Lawall, Gilles Muler</b></h2>
<p>Subtitle: Documenting and Automatic Collateral Evolutions in Linux Device Drivers</p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-119-126.pdf>cpuidle -- Do nothing, efficiently...</a> - <b>Venkatesh Pallipadi, Adam Belay</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-127-134.pdf>My bandwidth is wider than yours</a> - <b>Inaky Perez-Gonzalez</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-135-144.pdf>Zumastor Linux Storage Server</a> - <b>Daniel Phillips</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-145-150.pdf>Cleaning up the Linux Desktop Audio Mess</a> - <b>Lennart Poettering</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-151-160.pdf>Linux-VServer</a> - <b>Herbert Potzl, Marc E. Fiuczynski</b></h2>
<p>Subtitle: Resource Efficient OS-Level Virtualization</p>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-161-172.pdf>Internals of the RT Patch</a> - <b>Steven Rostedt, Darren V. Hart</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-173-178.pdf>lguest: Implementing the little Linux hypervisor</a> - <b>Rusty Russell</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-179-186.pdf>ext4 online defragmentation</a> - <b>Takashi Sato</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-187-200.pdf>The Hiker Project: An Application Framework for Mobile Linux Devices</a> - <b>David "Lefty" Schlesinger</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-201-208.pdf>Getting maximum mileage out of tickless</a> - <b>Suresh Siddha, Venkatesh Pallipadi, Arjan Van De Ven</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-209-222.pdf>Containers: Challenges with the memory resource controller and its performance</a> - <b>Balbir Singh, Vaidyanathan Srinivasan</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-223-228.pdf>Kernel Support for Stackable File Systems</a> - <b>Josef Sipek, Yiannis Pericleous, Erez Zadok</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-229-234.pdf>Linux Rollout at Nortel</a> - <b>Ernest Szeideman</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-235-244.pdf>Resuest-based Device-mapper multipath and Dynamic load balancing</a> - <b>Kiyoshi Udea, Jun'ichi Nomura, Mike Christie</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-245-252.pdf>Short-term solution for 3G networks in Linux: umtsmon</a> - <b></b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-253-260.pdf>The GFS2 Filesystem</a> - <b>Steven Whitehouse</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-261-272.pdf>Driver Tracing Interface</a> - <b>David J. Wilder, Michael Holzheu, Thomas R. Zanussi</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-273-284.pdf>Linux readahead: less tricks for more</a> - <b>Fengguang Wu, Hongsheng Xi, Jun Li, Nanhai Zou</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-285-296.pdf>Regression Test Framework and Kernel Execution Coverage</a> - <b>Hiro Yoshioka</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-297-304.pdf>Enable PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting in the Kernel</a> - <b>Yanmin Zhang, T. Long Nguyen</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-305-310.pdf>Enabling Linux Network Support of Hardware Multiqueue Devices</a> - <b>Zhu Yi, Peter P. Waskiewicz, Jr.</b></h2>

<h2><a href=ols2007v2-pages-311-318.pdf>Concurrent Pagecache</a> - <b>Peter Zijlstra</b></h2>