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14 months ago Rob Landley Add Ottawa Linux Symposium 2011 and 2012 index pages.default tip
14 months ago Rob Landley Mirror to fetch more OLS papers.
14 months ago Rob Landley Saran Kumar Krishnan pointed out that the link to part 2 of the ars technica ram guide went to part 1, and that got me to check in the accumulated backlog of changes to the index file.
2011-08-08 Rob Landley More stuff.
2011-06-30 Rob Landley Move the "videos worth watching" section inline, and add kernelnewbies Linux Changes page.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley The OLS 2010 index.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley Copy top level kernel documentation into "linux" subdirectory.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley Note L: list entries, and change email address back.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley Fix rate limiter to actually rate limit.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Autodetect CPU count and tailor parallelism to machine we're running on.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Copy htmldocs dir instead of moving (don't screw up source git repo).
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Add OLS 2010 proceedings, at least as best we can with non-draft never published.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Remove --long option, always do full documentation generation instead.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Better error reporting for 00-INDEX files that don't list themselves.
2011-02-19 Rob Landley Lots of stuff bit-rotted in scripts to extract documentation from current kernel sources. De-bit-rot it.
2011-02-19 Rob Landley I actually did an OLS paper index for 2009, add it to the repository.
2011-02-19 Rob Landley Bite the bullet and yank the old "attempt to write a kernel book" from the index page. Focus instead on the stuff that's actually there, so people can see it.
2010-12-12 Rob Landley Add 2010 OLS papers.
2010-12-12 Rob Landley Add -s (strip base url) and -t (set title) options.
2010-12-12 Rob Landley Break down and use git instead of hg for upstream kernel source.
2010-01-01 Rob Landley OLS papers are up to 2009 now.
2010-01-01 Rob Landley Changes that have accumulated over the past couple years.
2008-08-23 Rob Landley First pass indexing 2008 papers, with videos.
2008-08-19 Rob Landley Rafal Milecki brought the "git bisect skip" command to my attention.
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Mention 2008 from the index page.
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Add -b baseurl support.
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Michael Kerrisk does his own html versions now @ http://kernel.org/doc/man-pages
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Add and split up OLS 2008 papers.
2008-04-24 Rob Landley Fix typo.
2008-02-08 Rob Landley The kernel changed out from under us a bit, update to work with 2.6.25-pre1.
2007-11-15 Rob Landley A note about web URLs vs git URLs, and note the "stable-queue" repository
2007-11-10 jim sed is greedy, so limit the regex match
2007-11-10 Rob Landley Note to self.
2007-11-09 Rob Landley Do hard links when creating temporary linux directory. (Patch breaks 'em.)
2007-11-09 Rob Landley Add an index with anchor tags to jump to sections.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Fluff out master.idx still more.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Disentangle Documentation from temporary linux directory. (Allows the scsi
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Better debugging info.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Updates and bug fixes, should work now. Options to make.sh are --nonet and
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Remove files that aren't needed anymore.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Minor update to mkxmlman.sh.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Largeish rewrite of make.sh, breaking things out into functions. This has the
2007-10-31 Rob Landley Ok, Dave Jones' slides view with magicpoint:
2007-10-23 Rob Landley Split up make.sh so it's easier to call subsets of its functionality.
2007-10-23 Rob Landley Script to search Linux kernel for mentions of ietf RFC documents and make a
2007-10-23 Rob Landley More links, and some material on the history of Linux source control.
2007-10-18 Rob Landley Er, put git-quick in the right place.
2007-10-18 Rob Landley The git quickstart guide I've been working on for ages.
2007-10-17 Rob Landley Teach indexsections.py to produce debugging output when necessary.
2007-10-17 Rob Landley Sprinkle in the OLS 2001 papers. (Several were about user space only things,
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Title and author for OLS 2007 volume 2.
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Teach mkxmlman to use $WEBDIR instead of hardwired paths.
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Exit if any of the patches fail to apply, show name of each patch as it's
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Title and author for 2007v1, and fix an off-by-one error in the split.
2007-10-13 Rob Landley Missed the authors of one of the papers.
2007-10-11 Rob Landley RCU and more notes.
2007-10-10 Rob Landley Move and update the cross compile stuff, note differences between pipe/file/tty,
2007-10-10 Rob Landley History of the process scheduler, notes about cross compiling, and some tweaks.
2007-10-09 Rob Landley Minor fix to display.
2007-10-08 Rob Landley Make index/section links bidirectional, so you can jump back to the index