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9 months ago Rob Landley Add Ottawa Linux Symposium 2011 and 2012 index pages.default tip
9 months ago Rob Landley Mirror to fetch more OLS papers.
9 months ago Rob Landley Saran Kumar Krishnan pointed out that the link to part 2 of the ars technica ram guide went to part 1, and that got me to check in the accumulated backlog of changes to the index file.
2011-08-08 Rob Landley More stuff.
2011-06-30 Rob Landley Move the "videos worth watching" section inline, and add kernelnewbies Linux Changes page.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley The OLS 2010 index.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley Copy top level kernel documentation into "linux" subdirectory.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley Note L: list entries, and change email address back.
2011-05-03 Rob Landley Fix rate limiter to actually rate limit.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Autodetect CPU count and tailor parallelism to machine we're running on.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Copy htmldocs dir instead of moving (don't screw up source git repo).
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Add OLS 2010 proceedings, at least as best we can with non-draft never published.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Remove --long option, always do full documentation generation instead.
2011-05-02 Rob Landley Better error reporting for 00-INDEX files that don't list themselves.
2011-02-19 Rob Landley Lots of stuff bit-rotted in scripts to extract documentation from current kernel sources. De-bit-rot it.
2011-02-19 Rob Landley I actually did an OLS paper index for 2009, add it to the repository.
2011-02-19 Rob Landley Bite the bullet and yank the old "attempt to write a kernel book" from the index page. Focus instead on the stuff that's actually there, so people can see it.
2010-12-12 Rob Landley Add 2010 OLS papers.
2010-12-12 Rob Landley Add -s (strip base url) and -t (set title) options.
2010-12-12 Rob Landley Break down and use git instead of hg for upstream kernel source.
2010-01-01 Rob Landley OLS papers are up to 2009 now.
2010-01-01 Rob Landley Changes that have accumulated over the past couple years.
2008-08-23 Rob Landley First pass indexing 2008 papers, with videos.
2008-08-19 Rob Landley Rafal Milecki brought the "git bisect skip" command to my attention.
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Mention 2008 from the index page.
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Add -b baseurl support.
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Michael Kerrisk does his own html versions now @ http://kernel.org/doc/man-pages
2008-08-06 Rob Landley Add and split up OLS 2008 papers.
2008-04-24 Rob Landley Fix typo.
2008-02-08 Rob Landley The kernel changed out from under us a bit, update to work with 2.6.25-pre1.
2007-11-15 Rob Landley A note about web URLs vs git URLs, and note the "stable-queue" repository
2007-11-10 jim sed is greedy, so limit the regex match
2007-11-10 Rob Landley Note to self.
2007-11-09 Rob Landley Do hard links when creating temporary linux directory. (Patch breaks 'em.)
2007-11-09 Rob Landley Add an index with anchor tags to jump to sections.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Fluff out master.idx still more.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Disentangle Documentation from temporary linux directory. (Allows the scsi
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Better debugging info.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Updates and bug fixes, should work now. Options to make.sh are --nonet and
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Remove files that aren't needed anymore.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Minor update to mkxmlman.sh.
2007-11-07 Rob Landley Largeish rewrite of make.sh, breaking things out into functions. This has the
2007-10-31 Rob Landley Ok, Dave Jones' slides view with magicpoint:
2007-10-23 Rob Landley Split up make.sh so it's easier to call subsets of its functionality.
2007-10-23 Rob Landley Script to search Linux kernel for mentions of ietf RFC documents and make a
2007-10-23 Rob Landley More links, and some material on the history of Linux source control.
2007-10-18 Rob Landley Er, put git-quick in the right place.
2007-10-18 Rob Landley The git quickstart guide I've been working on for ages.
2007-10-17 Rob Landley Teach indexsections.py to produce debugging output when necessary.
2007-10-17 Rob Landley Sprinkle in the OLS 2001 papers. (Several were about user space only things,
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Title and author for OLS 2007 volume 2.
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Teach mkxmlman to use $WEBDIR instead of hardwired paths.
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Exit if any of the patches fail to apply, show name of each patch as it's
2007-10-16 Rob Landley Title and author for 2007v1, and fix an off-by-one error in the split.
2007-10-13 Rob Landley Missed the authors of one of the papers.
2007-10-11 Rob Landley RCU and more notes.
2007-10-10 Rob Landley Move and update the cross compile stuff, note differences between pipe/file/tty,
2007-10-10 Rob Landley History of the process scheduler, notes about cross compiling, and some tweaks.
2007-10-09 Rob Landley Minor fix to display.
2007-10-08 Rob Landley Make index/section links bidirectional, so you can jump back to the index