log sources/patches/linux-noperl-timeconst.patch

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5 months ago Rob Landley Linux 3.14 is out.
12 months ago Rob Landley Remove leftover garbage that triggers a bug in gnu/patch 2.7.x (but not in older versions, or toybox, or busybox).
17 months ago Rob Landley Update to linux 3.9.
21 months ago Rob Landley Linux 3.7.
2012-01-28 Rob Landley Resubmitted patch upstream, minor cleanup.
2011-06-16 Rob Landley Fix from Geoffroy Weisenhorn: on 32-bit hosts mktimeconst needs 1L<<31 to be an _unsigned_ long constant.
2011-03-18 Rob Landley Switch to the noperl patches for 2.6.38.