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More tweaks to bootstrap-skeleton, implement the first half of lfs-bootstrap for Linux From Scratch 6.7 against the new infrastructure, and tweak gentoo build to stay current with bootstrap-skeleton changes. (Now more common infrastructure, and requires package-list file.)
author Rob Landley <>
date Sun, 24 Oct 2010 04:17:15 -0500
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# Build Linux From Scratch 6.7 packages under target environment.

# Note: this doesn't rebuild the toolchain packages (libc, binutils,
# gcc, linux-headers), but reuses the toolchain we've got, because:

# 1) Building a new toolchain is a target-dependent can of worms.
# 2) Doing so would lose distcc acceleration.
# 3) Building glibc under uClibc is buggy because glibc expects that a
#    2.6 kernel will have TLS, and uClibc without NPTL doesn't.  (Yes,
#    repeat after me, "autoconf is useless".)

# Download upstream tarball

URL= \
SHA1= \
RENAME='s/-sources//' \
download || dienow


# Extract the individual packages from the upstream tarball


# Fixups for tarball names the Aboriginal extract scripts can't parse

mv "$SRCDIR"/sysvinit-2.88{dsf,}.tar.bz2 &&
mv "$SRCDIR"/tcl{8.5.8-src,-src-8.5.8}.tar.gz &&
mv "$SRCDIR"/udev-{161-testfiles,testfiles-161}.tar.bz2 || exit 1

# Remove damaged patches (whitespace damaged, don't apply without "fuzz").

rm "$SRCDIR"/gcc-4.5.1-startfiles_fix-1.patch &&
rm "$SRCDIR"/tar-1.23-overflow_fix-1.patch || exit 1

# Break down upstream tarball

for i in $(cd "$SRCDIR"; ls *.tar.*)
  extract_package $(noversion $i)

rm -rf "$SRCDIR"